­Machine Networking­


We can network your new and old machines to provide a data gathering / monitoring / SMS /Email to a central point system.

Firewall Friendly

Our system uses an outbound connection across the factory LAN (HTTPS port 443 or UDP 1194). No IT/firewall changes are needed to establish communication. A key asset that your IT team will appreciate!

High Security

All connections run through industry standard VPN protocols to guarantee a safe and secure connection that prevents network intrusions.

Wireless Connectivity

WiFi and cellular modems allow Internet connectivity while avoiding a connection on the factory/corporate LAN network. They offer free access, high bandwidth, easy deployment (no cabling) and facilitates secure network management.

Alarm Management and notification

We can provide full support for alarm triggering, acknowledgment, status and traceability. Alarm thresholds (4x) and parameters (activation delay, deadband value) can be set on every tagname. The complete alarm cycle (ALM, RTN-return to Normal, ACKnowledgment, END) is traced and available for monitoring and analysis. Alarm notification can be performed by email, SMS, SNMP trap and/or put FTP.

Plug'n Route

The plug'n route feature allows to connect any Ethernet devices without the need to configure the gateway. No need to stop the machine while configuring.


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